Our Gardens As A Saving Grace

It is a delight to see that horticulture and planning have reached a state of common sense.  There is an increasing effort to cooperate with nature and the environment, an increased value placed on the element that is water, and increasing stewardship of the land.  We take this to heart right in our own backyards.  It was not this way when I began in this field 35 years ago.

Today our gardens have become part of renewed health and spirituality.  Growing food at home is ever more popular.  There is nothing more nutritious than vegetables, fruits and herbs picked moments ago.  Heirloom produce can not be bought other than at a few farmsteads, expands our culinary horizons instead of our waistlines.  Regular gardening could replace regular trips to the gym.

Rain gardens, organics, and permaculture are other ways to show reverence for Mother Nature. The Earth is after all our only home.  When I was child growing food was more for economic reasons than improved nutrition.  Today food is grown in container or raised beds and square foot gardening absorbs every inch of city space.

With this delicate care of our land, it has become our sanctuary.  And few places are more spiritual than the White Garden.  Over ten years ago I wrote this program for The Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain (June 20,2002,Wisley Garden).  This program open to several slides set to Andante Tranquillo with Yo-Yo Ma.  Also shown is my own 1000 sq. ft. white garden that has evolved since 2001.  Hope Floats on White.

So let us reflect on this.  How successful gardeners are! For all the care we take in civic beautification, education, outreach, and neighborliness.  With all the turmoil, stress, and chaos around us, may we find sanctuary and a bit of control over our lives in the garden.